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The store ""Hobby"" started off in 1978 by Alice Dionyssopoulou-Kyriazis as one of the first craft and hobby stores in the city of Patras. It is a continuation of a long family trade route that begins before the middle of the last century, the Kingdom Dionyssopoulos. The ""Hobby"" brings for the first time in the city, beads, handmade jewelry materials, handmade beads, masks, molds, clay, tools, different handicrafts, art items, decoupage materials, liquid glass, etc. Not missing regular events special handicraft workshops and repair department and jewelery restoration, strings of beads and other crafts. The store ""Hobby"" is located at 6 & Paparigopoulou Rigas, next to the main pedestrian zone of Patras.

Store Address

  Paparrigopoulou 6
  Tel. 2610221251, Fax:
  Email: Χ


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