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The shop optics Optic House of optikou- optometrist Andrea Barack active in street Patreos 52 in Patras, from 2005.Skopos the firm from day one was to provide high quality services. This was achieved by our highly scientific training and the creation of partnerships with the strongest companies in the field. After ten years of operation, our insistence on quality, places us in the most recognizable names in our field nationwide. In our store you will find sunglasses and frames known brands. Contact lenses (Airoptix, Contaview etc.), Liquid contact and low vision aids lenses, high technology, excellent quality at great prices. You will also experience the vast range and advantages of ophthalmic lenses of the company ESSILOR (eg multifocal lenses VARILUX, TRANSITION technology). In our place we perform optometric refractive-control, as well as contact lens to new users, completely free.  We are waiting to meet us.

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Cinque Terre